Instrument Hire

Quality instruments at reasonable prices

We understand that it can be hard to find quality instruments for a reasonable price in the Shoalhaven, and that committing to just one instrument can be challenging for a young person.

For this reason the Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra offers instruments for hire to musicians, particularly young people, so that they can develop their skills and their passion before committing to a large instrument purchase. SYO currently only has string instruments for hire, though we are in the process of developing our brass and woodwind inventory.

String Instrument Hire Fees

InstrumentRental periodNON SYO MEMBERSYO MEMBER
Violin 1/8per semester$75$60
Violin 1/4per semester$85$60
Violin 1/2per semester$95$70
Violin 3/4per semester$105$80
Violaper semester$130 – $150$80 – $100
Cello 1/2per semester$150$100
Cello 3/4per semester$175$125
Celloper semester$200$150
Double Bass 1/4per semester$225$150
Double Bass 7/8per semester$300$200


Woodwind instrument Hire fees

InstrumentRental periodNON SYO MEMBERSYO MEMBER
Piccoloper semester$190$130
Bassoonper semester$300$200


Contact Details

Ryley Gillen

Orchestra Manager

Email: [email protected]

“Over the past 5 yrs our family has enjoyed Tuning In, Stringlets, JuMP and Choir. Our daughter has transitioned to private music lessons now, with a firm foundation in music reading, rhythm and playing in an ensemble. It’s great to see the teachers create a welcoming, nurturing, joyful atmosphere for children of differing abilities.”

Jannelle & Martin Stiles, TuningIn!, JUMP, Stringlets & TuningIn! Choir Parents, Nowra

Our Programs



The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra is the premier youth orchestral music group in the Shoalhaven. Rehearsing on Tuesday afternoons at the Nowra School of Arts students develop upon their ensemble skills, sight reading abilities and understanding of orchestral repertoire.

Shoalhaven Junior Strings

Junior Strings

The Shoalhaven Junior Strings is a training ensemble for junior orchestral string players, preparing them for rehearsal and performance with the senior orchestra. Rehearsals are help on Tuesday afternoons at the Nowra School of Arts.

Shoalhaven Quartet


The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra Quartet is made of our principal violinists, violist and cellist. This ensemble may perform regularly and is available for private functions.

Tuning In Music Program

School Holiday Programs

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra runs programs at different times during school holidays. Keep an eye on our School Holidays website tab, social media platforms and our e-newsletter for information about upcoming holiday activities for music students and concerts for audiences.



The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra hosts a series of combined orchestral workshops throughout the year. This allows students the chance to perform in a full sized orchestra and work with professional tutors.



The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra hosts an annual camp in which youth orchestral musicians of the Shoalhaven come together for an overnight camp to workshop challenging repertoire and work with professional tutors.