Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra Quartet

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra Quartet is made up of the principal string players in the orchestra. This includes our concert master (principal first violin), principal second violin, principal viola, and principal cello.

This ensemble is primarily run by the students, and when in operation will rehearse twice a term when convenient for the students involved. Rehearsals are run under the supervision of a tutor and the group may be involved with guest tutors and performers.

This ensemble offers our premier orchestral players an opportunity to showcase their skills independent of the orchestra and develop nuanced chamber music skills necessary for elite musicianship.

This ensemble is available for hire for events and may perform independently at orchestral concerts, organised through the SYO.

If you would like more information about the SYO quartet please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Details

Ryley Gillen

Orchestra Manager

Email: [email protected]shoalhavenyouthorchestra.com.au

“I was part of the SYO for six years (2006-2012). I started off in the Preparatory Strings (now Junior Strings) and it was both a fantastic and supportive place to be as a beginner musician. Orchestra was something I looked forward to every week. I would recommend it to any young local musician as a great place to socialise and learn ensemble and instrumental skills. To this day I play alongside musicians I met in the SYO, it has opened me up to experiences past my SYO days.”

Eryn Deys, SYO Alumni, Music Education Graduate

Other Programs



The Orchestra is the premier youth orchestral music group in the Shoalhaven. It allows students to develop finer skills associated with orchestral playing.

Shoalhaven Junior Strings

Junior Strings

The Shoalhaven Junior Strings is a training ensemble for junior orchestral string players, preparing them for rehearsal and performance with the senior orchestra.


Instrument Hire

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra maintains a full inventory of orchestral instruments available for hire.



The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra hosts a series of combined orchestral workshops throughout the year. This allows students the chance to perform in a full sized orchestra and work with professional tutors.


School Visits

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra visits Shoalhaven schools to showcase both instruments and instrumentalists to the wider Shoalhaven Community.

Tuning In Music Program

Tuning In!

Tuning In! is the music education program of SYO. Trained music educators conduct various classes for children aged between 2 and 12 in Nowra and Berry. The program develops basic musical skills as well as allowing children to try out, and begin to learn, all the instruments of the orchestra.