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tuesday 19 july 2022

Calling all primary and high school music students: Join the Junior Strings and Youth Orchestra in 2022

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In 2022 SYO turns 22. In 22 years SYO has become the leading NFP arts organisation for young people in the Shoalhaven; providing music education opportunities and performance offerings for the community.

Thanks you to individuals and local businesses for the continued support you show SYO.

make music in 2022

Learn a skill for life

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra offers a series of programs and ensembles for South Coast music students. Join us in 2022 to develop on your musical skills and build lasting friendships and memories.

“I have continued to meet people and gain new experiences through playing with the SYO and opened up many pathways for my future.”

Elouera Marshall, syo musician, Nowra

About the Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra (SYO) is the leading regional orchestra for young musicians along the South Coast of NSW. Founded in 2000 SYO provides orchestral experiences for primary and secondary students and offers regular concerts for the community.

SYO is proudly supported by the Shoalhaven Arts Board, the Shoalhaven City Council, generous individual donors from within the community and local music educators.

Join the SYO

Tuning In Music Program

School Holiday Programs

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra runs programs at different times during school holidays. Keep an eye on our School Holidays website tab, social media platforms and our e-newsletter for information about upcoming holiday activities for music students and concerts for audiences.



The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra is the premier youth orchestral music group in the Shoalhaven. Rehearsing on Tuesday afternoons at the Nowra School of Arts students develop upon their ensemble skills, sight reading abilities and understanding of orchestral repertoire.

Shoalhaven Junior Strings

Junior Strings

The Shoalhaven Junior Strings is a training ensemble for junior orchestral string players, preparing them for rehearsal and performance with the senior orchestra. Rehearsals are help on Tuesday afternoons at the Nowra School of Arts.

Shoalhaven Quartet


The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra Quartet is made of our principal violinists, violist and cellist. This ensemble may perform regularly and is available for private functions.



The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra hosts a series of combined orchestral workshops throughout the year. This allows students the chance to perform in a full sized orchestra and work with professional tutors.



The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra hosts an annual camp in which youth orchestral musicians of the Shoalhaven come together for an overnight camp to workshop challenging repertoire and work with professional tutors.


School Visits

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra visits Shoalhaven schools to showcase both instruments and instrumentalists to the wider Shoalhaven Community.


Instrument Hire

The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra maintains a full inventory of orchestral instruments available for hire.

“I was part of the SYO for six years (2006-2012). I started off in the Preparatory Strings (now Junior Strings) and it was both a fantastic and supportive place to be as a beginner musician. Orchestra was something I looked forward to every week. I would recommend it to any young local musician as a great place to socialise and learn ensemble and instrumental skills. To this day I play alongside musicians I met in the SYO, it has opened me up to experiences past my SYO days.”

Eryn Deys, SYO alumni, music education graduate, school teacher, Nowra

“It’s really great for kids to find what their favourite instrument is, by trying them out. I learnt that I much prefer the clarinet rather than the violin, which I had been learning. It was funny seeing the other kids get really excited over instruments that I didn’t much care for. We were so different!”

Lizzy Stiles, former JUMP student, 9 years old

“I’ve been part of the SYO for 10 years, beginning in the Shoalhaven Junior Strings in 2008. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to develop as a young musician gaining practical experience in playing with and performing in an ensemble. I made many friends who shared my interests in music and we were able to grow together through the SYO program. The Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra is an excellent opportunity for young musicians who wish to develop their knowledge and love for playing an instrument. I have continued to meet people and gain new experiences through playing with the SYO and opened up many pathways for my future.”

Elouera Marshall, Concert Master, Shoalhaven Youth Orchestra, Nowra

“When I play the cello it helps me express my feelings. Learning the cello was not easy at first, but I soon came to enjoy it and think of no other instrument! SJS and my teachers guided me to play with others to make music.”

Albert Marr, Shoalhaven Junior Strings Cellist, Nowra

“The violin is an extraordinary instrument, it does take time to learn and when you learn how to play the Violin it sounds amazing. I enjoy practicing with everyone. I am not that fond of going to concerts, I get afraid although by the end I feel amazing. The teachers are very good, and can be funny! I love it.”

Hazel Marr, Violin, Shoalhaven Junior Strings

“I had been learning piano for 6 years when I started learning viola as a second instrument in 2017, encouraged by my teacher at the time. The scholarship has enabled me to continue taking lessons to improve my playing and to also join SYO. Membership of the SYO has been excellent for my development as a musician. I have gained experience in playing in an ensemble, which is not easy to get as a pianist. I’ve also had a lot of fun rehearsing, performing and also learning from experienced musicians including our conductor and the Haydn Ensemble.”

Luke Bowen, SYO Second Instrument Scholarship recipient, Principal Viola

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